Pedal Me - Moving Things The Right Way

In a special guest post, Duncan Palmer of Pedal Me introduces a company helping to revolutionise sustainable transport in London.

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Pedal Me - Moving Things The Right Way
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Pedal Me is a pioneering company - the future of London logistics. Formed in 2017 with a couple of part time staff members, the past 3 years have seen the company grow to nearly 50 members of staff and a fleet of 50 bikes.

Now, we operate all over London, regularly delivering extraordinary loads that other companies would not attempt. Sofabed to Waltham Forest? No problem. 300 boxes of flowers from Isleworth to Southwark? Bring it on. At the height of lockdown we delivered food packages to those most in need for Lambeth Council, with a grand total of circa. 10,000 deliveries made by bike.

Why choose Pedal Me?

Pedal Me offers environmentally friendly, affordable and expertly handled delivery of cargo of all shapes and sizes up to 150kg. Couple a bike with a trailer, and you have capacity for up to 300kg.

Our USP is the passenger service. Each bike can carry up to 2 adults, and a ride on a Pedal Me is an unforgettable experience. It’s fun, beneficial to the environment and the city and you certainly turn heads when on board a Pedal Me bike.

If you have to move something across town, or you need to get somewhere yourself, Pedal Me is a fantastic alternative to a van, car, public transport or taxi.

How does it fit in with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have been introduced to reduce traffic levels in residential areas, preventing drivers using them as rat runs. Now, these neighbourhoods are benefiting from lower traffic levels, less air pollution and safer roads for residents to enjoy.

Pedal Me’s bikes are the same width as a standard bike + panniers. We can utilise this advantage to carry on operating in low traffic neighbourhoods and deliver goods and people just as before, passing easily through motor traffic filters. Instead of a van or a noisy motorbike, companies could use Pedal Me’s quiet cargo bikes to get goods and deliveries to your door. Our bikes travel at a relatively calm speed, emit zero emissions and are ridden by highly trained riders who know how to provide a first-class service.

Duncan Palmer