Report: Beat the Street

Rather lost in all the flurry of excitement over the local election results last week, you may not be aware that the Beat the Street project came to an end.

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Report: Beat the Street

Congratulations to all the 8,000+ Beat the Street participants (mainly children) who showed how much fun one can have walking, cycling and scooting round our Borough, covering over 58,000 miles in the process!

It is surely no coincidence that the pupils of St. John's Highbury Vale, which is situated in a Low Traffic Neighbourhood and where children are already able to walk / cycle / scoot to school safely, came out top of the leader board. Unfortunately, many of their peers still live in streets too heavily trafficked for their parents to encourage them to walk or wheel anywhere.

Islington Council has a new electoral mandate to press on and complete its roll-out of People Friendly Streets (Liveable Neighbourhoods) across the Borough. Once this is done, all primary school children will be ideally placed to continue their healthy, independent, active travel choices "from 8 to 80".

Who would deny them this opportunity?

Published in Islington Gazette 19 May 2022 (page 11)