Perspective from Offord Road

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Perspective from Offord Road

LTNs have been nothing if not divisive. Most can agree that lower traffic and less pollution is better for all. But to say that the local election result shows 'overwhelming support' for LTN initiatives in Islington is at most a boast and at the least unsubstantiated: only consultation will show people's true feelings on the matter. (Click here for more information on Engagement & Design)

As residents of Offord Road in Barnsbury we are pleased that the matter is finally going to consultation. Our road is a local street used as a cut through to main roads. In fact, it is the only street with open access to connect Caledonian Road with Hemingford Road, Thornhill Road and Liverpool Road.

There are at least another five local streets that could provide the same access but have been cut off, pushing all traffic via Offord Road. There is no obvious reason, other than historical privilege, that means those roads are less suitable to carry some of the load.

The children in Offord Road contend with higher pollution levels than their peers, while cyclists and people with mobility issues and buggies struggle to safely navigate the street and its series of rat-run crossings and junctions.

The Low Traffic Islington movement needs to stand together and find benefits for all. It's crucial that streets that already enjoy safer, calmer, less polluted roads don't double down on restrictions while leaving equivalent streets to shoulder the burden.

We hope that the consultation is a time for the Barnsbury and St Mary's borough to consider an equitable approach to a low traffic neighbourhood.

On behalf of the Offord Road Green Alliance
Campaigning for a calmer, safer and less polluted street

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Published in Islington Gazette 26 May 2022 page 10