Income fairness

People Friendly Streets benefit deprived sections of the community at least as much as they benefit wealthier sections.

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Income fairness

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods bring many benefits to people, those who live in the area and those who walk or wheel, or cycle through, children, adults and older people. And the areas that Islington has chosen for their LTNs, or People Friendly Streets, are very socially diverse. We have shown this with a map: the Office for National Statistics (ONS) map of Income Deprivation in Islington. This uses colour to indicate deprivation: the darker the red the more deprived; the darker the blue the less deprived. On top of this we have laid the black outlines of the seven LTNs that Islington has implemented since June last year, and the bright blue borough boundary.

The map clearly shows that inside the LTNs there is certainly no more blue than red. Islington's People Friendly Streets do not benefit the wealthier sections of the community any more than they benefit the deprived.

This is just one aspect of fairness. We have covered the topic more thoroughly in our FAQ: fairness.