June Campaign Update

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A woman in a dress rides a boxbike in a cycle track protected by platic wands. A teenage girl cycles behind her.
People take advantage of the Cycleway 50 track on Isledon Rd.

We are still waiting for the Council’s announcement of the final designs for the Barnsbury & Laycock Liveable Neighbourhood. The consultation phase is now scheduled to start in ‘late 2024’, according to the Council's website. When it goes live, your input will be crucial to moving forward with these proposals.

Why Your Participation Matters

It’s essential to show strong resident support during the consultation. New government guidelines require councils to demonstrate this support before any implementation can take place. Your voice matters more than ever!

Updates on Other Local Schemes

  • Cycleway 50: TfL has launched a public consultation about the new Nag’s Head cycle track, on Seven Sisters Rd and Tollington Rd/Isledon Rd. The scheme has improved walking and cycling to/from both Finsbury Park and the vibrant Seven Sisters Rd high street. We encourage you to express your support! Ends 14 August.
  • Mildmay: Consultation completed in October 2023. An announcement on the implementation is expected soon.
  • The Cally: Consultation completed in March 2024. We’re awaiting an announcement on the next steps.
  • Dartmouth Park: First proposals are due to be published soon.
  • Bunhill: Consultation set to start in autumn/winter 2024.
  • Greening Together projects: We are delighted that greening projects outside two primary schools in the Barnsbury area, on Lofting Road and Cynthia Street, have transformed car parking bays into a green space with large planting beds; seating area and bike parking, improving air quality and safety for local children.

Next Steps

We'll keep you posted with updates when the Barnsbury & Laycock consultation is announced. If you're interested in helping out, please reach out to us via email: barnlayln@gmail.com.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,
Barnsbury & Laycock Community Streets