Hemingford Arms

Two perspectives on a neighbourhood firm fave.

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Hemingford Arms

The pub is looking great

How lovely is the Hemingford Arms looking at the moment with a whole batch of new flowers and Euro 2020 flags just installed?

A big thank you to the management for continuing to invest in making this corner so delightful, despite the fact that they’ve not been open for months during the lockdown.

Published in Islington Tribune on 18 June 2021

The pub looks good but what about the traffic?

John must have picked his moment to photograph the lovely greenery at the Hemingford Arms.

When we were there two weeks ago doing a traffic count, there were over 400 (yes 400) motor vehicles at that junction in a half-hour period, far, far too many for a residential road.

Let’s hope that Islington Council’s plans for people-friendly streets in Barnsbury are announced soon and include measures which will reduce this so that patrons of the pub can enjoy sitting outside without breathing in traffic fumes and having to shout over the noise.

Published in Islington Tribune on 24 June 2021