Are you *really* in control?

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Are you *really* in control?
Photo by Sol Jansson / Unsplash

We've all heard that cars are getting smarter – GPS, computer-controlled engines, proximity cameras, collision warnings and soon, driverless vehicles. In fact, some vehicles (SUVs for example) are so intelligent that they make their "owners" pay huge prices to purchase them, licence them, insure them, maintain them, park them and pay their running costs. In exchange, once your SUV gets bored with sitting parked for around 96% of its life, it deigns to let you ferry it off to meet its friends in traffic queues, by the school gates and in supermarket car parks. While you, the "owner", gets to benefit from less than 5% of these costs the SUV reflects that it spends over 95% of YOUR money just to move itself around. Now that's what I call intelligent!

Published in Islington Tribune on 8 April

Feature image by Andrey Pridybaylo on behance