"It's too dangerous."

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"It's too dangerous."

In every survey this is always the number one reason given for why more people don't use bikes to get around:

It's too dangerous.

But active travel is now recognised as the silver bullet that goes a long way to solving many of the challenges that we all face today: health, obesity, congested roads, risk of Covid infection, noise, air pollution, equity in the public realm, mental well-being, carbon emissions.

The perception of road danger stops many people from accessing this amazing means of transport, especially women, children and the disadvantaged, who are least-likely to use cars, and are the worst-served by public transport. This all changes when a low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) is created: the traffic reduces to levels that are safe and, all-important: are perceived as safe.

Parents allow their children to cycle and suddenly the streets open up. More people cycle, they use their cars less, and we all benefit.

It just doesn't work the other way around - the car has to be (largely) removed first. That's why so many people in Islington are supporting the Council and calling out for the LTN programme to be extended across the whole borough (but Barnsbury first, please!).

Published in Islington Gazette 14 April 2022 (page 11)