💚 It's hard to go back 💚

Dr R points out that once we experience real change for better quality of life, it's hard to go back to living with traffic thundering at our front door.

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💚 It's hard to go back 💚

The recent closure of Liverpool Road to pass through by North-South traffic has provided a timely reminder of how much is at stake in the May elections.

For those of us near the closure we have had a taste of an alternative reality. Instead of the trundle of HGVs that shake our houses, we hear the birds singing; instead of speeding vehicles blocking our route across the road, crossing is safe for all; instead of the back to back traffic at rush hour, we have cyclists gently commuting past our houses.

All the residents on Liverpool Road near the closure are experiencing a healthier, safer and better quality of life, and all the commuters on Liverpool Road are enjoying a safe and pleasant commute.

Yours faithfully

Dr R

Published in Islington Tribune on 8 April