My Squares Walk

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My Squares Walk

Like everyone else, when lockdown started I began going for daily walks.  Even with the reduced traffic I still found some Barnsbury roads unpleasant to walk.  So I worked out a route which is mainly on low traffic roads. This takes in some of our lovely Barnsbury squares and it’s been a pleasure every day, strolling down the roads, not having to confine myself to the narrow “tunnel” between walls and parked cars.

So often when I'm out walking I just find things that annoy: too much traffic, noise, idling engines.  But on my Squares low traffic walk I’ve found lots of things to make me smile.  Here are a few:

Glorious cherry trees
This is one of the pair of cats that have occupied the filtered section of Cloudesley Square at Liverpool Road. They clearly feel as safe in that section of road as I do.
If only this were still a dairy and all the other little corner shops were still serving the local residents
So true - and such inventive lettering!
So creative and colourful - how can you not smile?
I'm too ignorant to be able to name this bush but it's sunshine on a stick
A classy Gothic window box
We can still see you
Let's have more of these
And, in the meantime, more of these
That pig is going at quite a lick (and, a few days later, was out in front)
One of Islington's charming corners
A cat in the low sun, owning the road
My favourite window sill
The most colourful tree pit - thank you to the lovely people who maintain this
What is it with posties and shorts - even on the coldest days?
We gonna need more railings!
Marching pots, in size order, like the children in The Sound of Music
Sergeant Peppers' headless band members?
The route

I'm not saying this is the best lockdown walk in Barnsbury but it's certainly very low traffic.  You get traffic on two short sections of Liverpool Road, the same again on Thornhill Road, and when crossing Theberton at a narrow point where all the traffic has slowed right down. Apart from those sections the only vehicles are those that have a reason to be there.

Send us photos of what makes you smile on your favourite walk.