Speeding in Barnsbury & St Mary's

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Speeding in Barnsbury & St Mary's
Photo by Denny Müller / Unsplash

Speeding is increasing in the area and it creates real harm. It causes parents and vulnerable road users to be fearful of our streets

Speeding continues to blight our streets report where we regularly see speeding and driving while using a mobile phone.

It only takes one driver to floor the pedal or gun their engine between speed bumps for parents to decide that children cannot walk to school or go to the shops on their own.

The evidence of this speeding is all around us.

In 2018, three speed monitoring sessions took place with local Islington PSCOs at the junction of Liverpool Road and Barnsbury Street. The results were shocking, but not surprising. At all of these 15 minute sessions, every single vehicle was breaking the 20mph speed limit. The highest speed was 37mph.

Councillor Rowena Champion with PCSOs
Speed Monitoring results carried out by PSCOs at the Liverpool Road/Barnsbury Street Junction

Despite the presence of speed bumps and width restrictions across the ward, traffic races through our streets, putting our children, the elderly and indeed all of us in danger.

In addition to speeding, mobile phone use while driving means that many residents simply do not feel comfortable allowing children to cross roads on their own.