Mandate for LTNs

In this post, Nick encourages our Councillors to push ahead with the LTN roll-out following the clear democratic mandate provided by the elections on 6 May.

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Mandate for LTNs

Dear Sirs

Liverpool Road is the longest residential road in Islington. Thousands of people live on the road in a mix of social housing and private residential dwellings.

Now it has been clearly shown that there's a democratic mandate for LTNs, there are few roads which are more in need of traffic control than Liverpool Road.

There is a constant use of the road by drivers to avoid Upper Street and Highbury Corner. The use of Liverpool Road also feeds the challenges on Offord Road and Theberton Street (where drivers skip through Barnsbury's residential roads to avoid the main roads).

The council has done a lot of good work on LTNs. It's now time for the council to show some more bravery and start addressing some of the worst affected areas.

Labour, in particular, should carefully watch the rise of the Green Party across London. If Barnsbury residents do not see action before the next election then they may well move their focus to politicians who are willing to take the decisions that reflect the democratic consensus.

Yours faithfully,

Nick, Liverpool Road