LTN news round-up #2

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LTN news round-up #2
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LTNs Do Not Cause Gridlock, Finds Traffic-Count Analysis. Forbes, the global media company, reported on initial findings on five key main roads in Hackney. These show no significant change in traffic levels after the introduction of new low traffic neighbourhoods. Hackney's source analysis has more details and more graphics all supporting those findings.

More analysis will be carried out in Hackney but these findings are in line with those in Waltham Forest where post-LTN changes in traffic counts on those main roads were comparable with what happened on main roads across London in the same period.

Islington is also counting traffic numbers and will produce reports for our LTNs. There is no reason why the finding should be any different here. One more argument against LTNs - demolished.

The FT reports on the LTN phenomenon, and our own Councillor Champion says:

There is no measure that will stop people using their car but we'll create more space for people to walk, cycle, use buggies or wheelchairs [...] If we do nothing, traffic will become progressively worse.

Somewhat behind the times, but topical given the Hackney data, take a look at this Twitter thread - this is the path we're following, and this is why we are determined to support the Council's initiative. And it's not just us!

Closer to home, Mr. Harrison's letter in the Islington Gazette comments on the positive effect of LTNs on local business - the power of the pedestrian pound:

Shops benefit from pedestrians. The big landowners in the West End know it.

Richenda's insightful letter made it into the Islington Gazette: LTNs 'benefit all' on 29 November:

In inner London, including Islington, the vast majority of people (90 per cent) live in residential streets as opposed to main roads or high streets, and this holds true whatever demographic you chose (age, ethnicity, disability, income, car access).

Kevin's careful research is reflected in Islington Tribune: Cut cars and ballooning child obesity:

In boroughs such as Islington, where 70 per cent have no access to a car, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change attitudes and for more people to walk and cycle as part of their daily life, to have cleaner air and streets safe for our children to play out.

And Islington Tribune: We need action on traffic and clean air from Sadiq Khan further emphasizes a key message:

[during lockdown] Londoners got a real taste of cleaner air and quieter streets [...]. Given half a chance, many Londoners will walk and cycle as their main way of getting around.

Our neighbours have pointed out to us that a group opposing LTNs in Islington appears to have an internal dispute related to funding. So you're aware, Barnsbury & St Mary's Neighbourhood Group has no political affiliation or external funding. Our aim is to support the Council's initiative to create a better Borough for its residents, and we hope you agree with us!

Finally, and although not strictly speaking news, we found these brilliant resources - check them out!:

DataShine: Commute
Travel to work flows, visualised, from 2011 Census for England and Wales.
DataShine: Census
The 2011 Census, mapped with context for England/Wales.