Improved health with active travel

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Improved health with active travel
Photo by Kevin André / Unsplash

The latest TFL evidence shows a large increase in the number of journeys being taken by bicycle in London. This is great news for the NHS - more active travel, leads to improved health outcomes. Those factors will reduce the pressure on the NHS, allowing resources to be freed for other needs.

People friendly streets have been a key part in delivering this change. Take, for example, Liverpool Road. While still suffering horrific levels of rat run traffic, the road has been improved by the addition of cycle lanes. The mostly protected lanes running up and down Liverpool Road host huge numbers of cyclists every day, providing a safer route to Upper Street, Holloway Road and Highbury & Islington.

While the council still has much to do on Liverpool Road and Barnsbury, the implementation of the cycle lane has brought new levels of active travel to Islington and, for that, they should be applauded.

As recent traffic counts from your correspondents have shown, they now need to apply that same bravery to reducing traffic through Barnsbury and Liverpool Road to really supercharge active travel and cut down air pollution.

Dr R.