Cally People Friendly Streets

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Cally People Friendly Streets

Next up... People Friendly Streets around The Cally! From what the Council have hinted we expect this to be implemented before summer 2021. No details have been announced, so we have been imagining what area this might cover. We think it may be the area bounded by Caledonian Road to the East, Pentonville Road to the South and York Way to the West. We are uncertain of the northern boundary which could be Blundell Street, Brewery Road, Market Road or North Road. Copenhagen Street is one that really suffers from through traffic. Many of the streets in this area are already filtered.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, People Friendly Streets, mini-Hollands, Liveable Neighbourhoods, whatever their local branding, all mean the same thing – groups of residential streets, bordered by main roads (the places designed for buses, lorries, non-local traffic), where through motor vehicle traffic is discouraged or filtered. Read more here.

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