Call to Action!

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Call to Action!
Photo by Braden Collum / Unsplash

As reported in our last newsletter, the Council's Commonplace feedback site is closed, having served its purpose. All LTNs now have surveys. Surveys are the New Thing. The Council wants your opinions - not just if you live in the LTN, but if you walk, wheel, cycle or work in, travel in or through, or even just like any of these areas. We need to make sure that everyone, everyone's family & friends, and basically anyone who will listen, comments positively about LTNs. 💚💚💚

So get your clicking and commenting fingers out and have at these links:

A couple of points on filling out the surveys:

💚 A number of the questions seem to be about areas before an LTN is implemented, e.g. "are you concerned about pollution in this area?" - and we suggest answering in that light, i.e. "yes" 😊 ("and therefore the area is now quieter, safer and less polluted").

💚 In the "any other comments", some of our neighbours have suggested that roaming parking rules should be tightened, to avoid people making very short car trips within their LTN area.

So that's the main Call to Action. If you are feeling sufficiently righteous, please feel free to kick back and relax. But if you're on a roll, read on...

  • The LTN roll-out has been pretty divisive. Please please show your Councillors your support by Love-Bombing them with your messages reminding them that you agree with their efforts to make our roads quieter, safer and less polluted. (for Councillor emails, click here)
  • When visiting an LTN do use the local cafes etc and make a point of telling them that you have chosen to visit the area because it's a LTN (some businesses think LTNs are bad for them - not true!).
  • Take advantage of the pockets of Spring sunshine and take a walk through your nearest LTN, take pictures and tweet and NextDoor them to let people know how amazing it is to walk on quiet streets!