👍🏼 St Peter's streets policy

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👍🏼 St Peter's streets policy
Since this letter was published, St Peter's consultation ended (11 November) and Canonbury East started (ending 30 November) - so get your feedback hat on for Canonbury East!

St Peter's People Friendly Streets policy has been a huge success, it provides a snap shot of how we can change Islington for the better.

Some key statistics:

  • traffic down 56% in the area, speeding down 78%, cycling up 72%
  • boundary roads traffic down 1% (despite the continued road works and road closures all over Islington by the G network fibre changes)
  • no impact on emergency service response times

We might not all have a people friendly street programme yet but we know they are coming and we can now see proof that they are a huge success. Let's make sure we support our neighbours to maintain theirs so that they can support the rest of the Borough in getting theirs. I encourage everyone who wants less traffic on our streets, better air quality and a healthier population to give the St Peter’s consultation your full support - I know I will.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. R, N1

Published in Islington Gazette 22 September 2021