Newsletter 31 July 2020

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Newsletter 31 July 2020

Dear Neighbours

We hope everyone is well and enjoying moments of sun! Or at least, sheltering from the heat.

This week, Kevin had an illuminating chat with Alex, who has lived in Barnsbury for decades. We hear concerns that Islington's elderly and less mobile residents will suffer when People Friendly Streets are implemented - nothing could be further from the truth! Alex tells us why:

Older residents welcome People Friendly Streets
Kevin Fallon chats to Barnsbury resident Alex van Rose about his experience ofnavigating Islington’s streets as he recovers from a second stroke. Alex has lived within the Cloudesley area of Barnsbury for more than twodecades. His late wife Maggie, he tells me, was involved in an earlier campaign…

And as promised in our last newsletter, we have published facts and evidence to dispel this and other myths and concerns about People Friendly Streets (aka Mythbusters). Please feel free to use this to shout about the benefits of People Friendly Streets and your support of the Council's decisive stance, on twitter, Nextdoor and other social media.

People Friendly Streets: doubts dispelled
There are many people that need and use cars, whether for mobility or theirlivelihood. As with all change, our first instinct is to doubt. It’s hard tobelieve that we can have low traffic streets without undermining car use.Luckily, Islington Council is not doing anything new in our borough - it …
Statement on people-friendly streets
Below is a statement from Cllr Rowena Champion, Islington Council’s executive member for environment and transport:

Our Canonbury neighbours are fully up and running on their People Friendly Streets campaign. Check out their great website: and we encourage you to email them if you want to help with the Canonbury campaign.

Remember to keep putting positive comments on Commonplace, 'like' the Commonplace comments that encourage and support the Council's plans, and Support the Campaign!

As ever, let us know what else you want to hear about, by emailing

All our best

Barnsbury & St Mary's Neighbourhood Group

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