Newsletter 12 July 2020

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Newsletter 12 July 2020

Dear Neighbours

What a momentous week! People Friendly Streets have been implemented in St Peter's ward - yes, these measures are LIVE. Check out our quick-post for a twitter taster. Our St Peter's neighbours are delighted!

Richenda has put together a compendium of road furniture abuse, and master campaigner Lucy Facer has been investigating the issues on our local roads from an often-forgotten angle. Her thought-provoking post paints a shocking picture of the challenging environment faced by users of mobility scooters.

Thank you again for completing the Barnsbury & St Mary’s Neighbourhood Group survey and showing your interest in the Council’s initiative to create Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (aka People Friendly Streets). We will be leafleting until Sunday 19 July so that the results show the views of as many of the residents as possible. If you are interesting in helping with leafleting, let us know by emailing

Your survey comments are a key driver for our "mapping" work, which feeds into the work being carried out by other community groups, including Living Streets, Islington Clean Air Parents, Cycle Islington, Fossil Free and Inspiring Sustainable Islington. This work involves considering problem areas and dangerous cut-throughs, and highlighting the neighbourhood areas of interest that we aim to protect by the use of People Friendly Streets - for example, schools, places of worship, local landmarks and parks. The map is built up by placing "modal filters" to create "filtered permeability" in strategic locations. We can't wait for "modal filter" and "filtered permeability" to race their way up the Google search popularity list!

Some of you emailed us asking why you're not able to comment on the website. The reason is that we're part-timers - we have day-jobs and so we don't have the resource to do a good job of moderating comments. So to support our comitment to making sure that Neighbours and Council are both speaking and listening to each other, we're now on twitter.

Let us know what else you want to hear about, by emailing And if you want to get in touch with the Council to offer comment or support, or both, make your views known on the Commonplace survey or check out Richenda’s post for Councillor contact details.

All our best

Barnsbury & St Mary’s Neighbourhood Group

(aka Lucy, Simon, Rachael, Richenda, John, Kevin, Fran, Joseph)