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Engagement & Design
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Dear Neighbours

Are you hooked on Wordle yet? My team-mates share their results on a daily basis, even through the weekend. It's interesting to note that those with school-aged children tend to do better when said children lend a helping hand... And if you're into numbers instead, check out Nerdle. It's not for me, but horses for courses.

Onwards. As highlighted in our latest newsletter, there will be no more LTNs implemented in Islington under the ETO process. ETO = Experimental Traffic Order, click here for Council FAQs on that and more. The Council is planning a clean sheet 'Engagement & Design' process going forward.

Which means that our job will be to find ways for us all to 'Engage' and have the tools we need make our voices heard.

Also, from now on the areas will be known as 'Liveable Neighbourhoods' which we believe are LTNs with extra greening (see PEOPLE-FRIENDLY STREETS PROGRAMME UPDATE for details). Four such areas have been announced: Barnsbury (first), Cally, Mildmay East, Highbury New Park. The Programme Update states that the engagement process would begin autumn 2021. This deadline has clearly gone out the window.

More snippets from the Programme Update:

increased engagement with businesses and groups representing disabled people (para 3.3.52)
engagement and consultation before decision-making (para 3.3.53)
three phases of engagement for each area prior to implementation: early engagement, co-design, and consultation (para 3.3.54)

Our immediate next step is to put pressure on the Council on two key points:

  1. We demand that the Barnsbury & St Mary's engagement & design process is launched NOW.
  2. When and how do we become involved in the engagement & design process

So our first request is, if you haven't already done so, please email the Council's People Friendly Streets team and put those two points to them. (And you can find more Council contact details here.)

Now that we're in the thick of canvassing season, our second request is that you make your opinions on LTNs known to the party representatives making the rounds. Our desire for safer, quieter and healthier streets for all transcends politics. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'll vote for whoever puts them in NOW. Or will I...? Joke. Joke! 💚💚💚

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