Ditch the fossil fuels

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Ditch the fossil fuels
Photo by Valeriy Kryukov / Unsplash

The conflict in Ukraine has brought into sharper focus the reliance the European continent has on fossil fuels from Russia. Putin needs the money from this climate destroying industry to prop up his fascist regime. It's welcome to hear that the council has now removed any investments connected to businesses in Russia including fossil fuels.

The need to significantly reduce Islington's reliance on combustion engines has been amplified by the current geopolitical climate. The council's plans to bring in measures to make walking and cycling the preferred option for the majority of journeys is now even more imperative.

A 2019 report for Parliament showed that in England for distances of 1–2 miles over 60% of journeys were made by motor vehicle. Islington benefits from having a superb public transport system, so the % is likely to be less in the borough. Nonetheless, we do need to do all we can to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, which often serve to prop up tyrannical petrostates such as Russia.