Deliver our LTNs!

Dr R comments on the recent by-election results in Islington, and more broadly across London, which show that there is a clear mandate to deliver LTNs NOW.

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Deliver our LTNs!
Photo by Red Dot / Unsplash

There has been much debate within the community as to the local support for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). The May 6 elections have delivered a clear answer across Islington and Hackney. The campaigners who sought to turn the Islington and Hackney by-elections into referenda on LTNs have proven that there is exceptionally strong democratic support for LTNs. The most prominent anti-LTN campaigners who stood for election have not won their by-elections and have finished at, or close to, the bottom of the electoral standings. Sadiq Khan has also been re-elected, along with a huge vote for the greens, a London wide mandate for LTNs.

With this clear democratic mandate I hope that LBI expedites bringing in the LTNs in the most afflicted areas (e.g. Liverpool Road, Theberton Street and Offord Road in Barnsbury, etc.). LTNs reduce the risks of air pollution, increase active travel, make our living environment more pleasant and help us combat the climate emergency - and now there's also a clear democratic mandate in Islington and across London. The residents of Islington want the council to bring in LTNs - time to speed it up.

As Jon Burke said:

..we've had the LTN referendum...Time to deliver more.

Published in the Islington Tribune on 14 May 2021 and Islington Gazette on 16 May 2021