Call to Action this weekend!

It's the launch of #lowtrafficislington and the Green Heart!

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Call to Action this weekend!

Good morning Neighbours

Lots has been happening behind the scenes since our last post, and we are delighted that we can finally unveil exciting developments.

You might recall our Community Groups post from way back in August 2020. At that stage, we were just starting to grasp the monumentally positive change going on in our Borough, and reaching out to like-minded folks to share ideas and enthusiasm. Fast forward a few months... we are all organised under one banner, one umbrella group, and the campaign to support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods has just stepped up in its critical mass!

#lowtrafficislington has a website:

And we are using a brilliant green heart logo 💚💚💚

And this weekend and going forward we want to flood the borough with green hearts, to shout that we want safer, quieter and healthier streets for all!

So here's your CALL TO ACTION:

Please tweet/NextDoor/Instagram using #lowtrafficislington and the green heart 💚 letting everyone know that you support LTNs, with photos of our lovely borough, interesting facts, links to FAQs.

Please print off a green heart 💚 to put in your window. There's even a handy colouring-in version.

[Green Heart on Blue Background]

[Green Heart on White Background]

[Outline Heart to Colour In]

Help spread the green heart 💚 far and wide!

Low Traffic Barnsbury & St Mary's