Islington: achieving climate change goals

Eilidh of #inspiringsustainableislington explains what Islington is doing to achieve its goals for positive climate change.

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Islington: achieving climate change goals

The Healthy Streets coalition is a group of transport, health, road safety and environment campaigns who have come together because they understand that the same interventions are needed to achieve all our climate-related goals. These interventions are borough-wide LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods), a default 20 mph speed limit on all boroughs and Transport for London controlled roads, small-area Controlled Parking Zones borough-wide, protected cycle lanes on main roads and traffic-free streets around all schools with safe walking and cycling routes to schools.

So, how are we doing here in Islington ?

  • The latest interim report, which had responses from 18/32 boroughs, showed that as at end October 2021, we had 43% of our suitable streets being covered by an LTN. For comparison, Hackney had 70% and Waltham Forest 48%. We're doing well but need LTNs to be rolled out right across the borough, particularly in the north, to provide safe, green and quiet areas which are linked to each other and our surrounding neighbours.
  • We already have a 20mph speed limit on LBI and on TfL controlled streets although this is widely ignored by a minority of drivers. Reminder that only 26% of Islington residents have a car so speeding traffic likely to be passing through.
  • Regrettably we still have a roamer scheme which encourages short car journeys within the borough and which needs to be removed.
  • Protected cycle lanes were welcomed on Liverpool Road, Drayton Park and, along with Camden council, York Way. Holloway Road is the next main road to be made safer for cyclists.
  • There are 36 schools streets in place covering nearly all primary schools not on main roads.

All these measures will dramatically improve air quality, reduce road danger, boost active lifestyles and reduce carbon emissions – often literally overnight –  and will address the climate emergency we are all facing. To oppose any of them is prioritising personal convenience and preferences over community wellbeing.

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