Mini-newsletter (St Peter's)

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Mini-newsletter (St Peter's)

Good morning Neighbours

I hope you're all well and avoiding the Delta variant sweeping like wildfire through our schools. Where was that 12-15 vaccination roll-out when we were lounging about over the summer holidays?!

Event-planning has become like standard UK wedding planning. For a wedding, you hope for sun but put a tent up just in case it rains. In Covid-world, you plan for drinks at the pub but set up a Zoom/Teams/other in case of lockdown or self-isolation order. Good job the human race is so adaptable.

The main point of this newsletter is to remind you to fill out the St Peter's LTN official Council consultation if you haven't already. The deadline is TOMORROW 11 October, so please use your Sunday wisely and make sure that every person among your family, your neighbours and other networks fills it in too! For a bit of friendly guidance from us, click here.

The secondary point is to point you in the direction of the Council's recent media release on LTNs in the borough. In brief, on 14 October the Council will vote on the following very welcome developments:

  • Improvements to pavements to make them more accessible.
  • Exemption from restrictions through camera-enforced traffic filters for Blue Badge holders. (We 💚love💚 this!)
  • St Mary's Church LTN implementation by the end of the year. We think this means calendar year rather than the Council's financial year ending March 2022.

Having delivered this morning's ratio decidendi and obiter dictum (a poor simile or analogy, I would know if I had ever been taught grammar), I will now go and tend to the monster pile of washing that I neatly avoided yesterday.

Have a lovely rest-of-weekend!

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